Hello, I am a designer & I love to create.

Behind the Screens

Hyper; quirky; food-hungry and knowledge-thirsty.

I am Kaiyi, a Singapore-based creative handling various design work, from a solo standpoint to teaming up in wacky agencies. I am not a firm believer in paper qualifications, but just so you know, I graduated with a Diploma in Multimedia & Infocomm Technology from Nanyang Polytechnic in 2008. Though I've scored a relatively high GPA of 3.58 and 9 distinctions, no one gives a damn because seriously, works speak louder than words.

On a personal note, I am pretty much a food junkie and I enjoy chilling out over a cuppa coffee with my friends. As and when, I'll whip out my camera and shoot at all things random.

Oh, in case you’re wondering, “ごかい” means “fifth storey” in Japanese, which is a homonym of my full name, Goh Kaiyi. But no, I am not a Jap fanatic.



/  Website Design
/  Web Advertising
/  UI Design


/  Business
/  Print Advertising


/  Branding
/  Corporate Identity
/  Photography


/  Photoshop
/  Illustrator
/  Dreamweaver

/  Flash
/  InDesign
/  Windows + Mac

/  JQuery
/  ActionScript

I am a perfectionist, so I'll only deliver stuffs that I'm proud of.
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